Husband and wife team – Willie & Tania de Waal creates SCALI wines with PASSION in a handcrafted, organic, sustainable and the minimal intervention ethos with the family TRADITION of 5 generations as vignerons. The cellar is situated on the beautiful south eastern slopes of Paardeberg (directly translated as Horse Mountain) on the farm Schoone Oord, halfway between the towns of Paarl & Malmesbury, 50 min. from Cape Town centre. 

Producing 8 exclusive wines:

  • SIRKEL Chenin Blanc
  • SIRKEL Pinotage
  • SIRKEL Shiraz/Viognier
  • SCALI Ancestor (Sparkling wine-‘Method Ancestale’)
  • SCALI Blanc (Viognier, Chenin Bl,Chard,Roussanne)
  • SCALI Pinotage
  • SCALI Syrah                      
  • SCALI Anker Cape Vintage  ~  Fortified wine                         


The farm, Schoone Oord which Willie’s great-great grandfather bought in 1877, with a diamond he discovered at Kimberley in the Northern Cape!  He grew up in a vigneron family and continued this tradition on Schoone Oord, where it was passed on to the generations that followed him.

We also decided to make some wine from the grapes we so passionately nurture. We started by making 50 litres of wine in 1993 and each year made a little bit more until we made our first barrique of Pinotage in 1997. The quality was exceptional and we soon finished the whole barrique with the help of our wine loving friends. That was the sign to go it “big” and in 1999 we made 17 barriques of our local variety, Pinotage.

The Name – SCALI


Through our brand name, SCALI we wanted to express the close interaction between our family, our farm’s name “Schoone Oord” and the vine & soil that gives life to everything around us. We married part of the name “Schoone Oord” to part of the name of our dominant soil type, Shale (“Skalie” in Afrikaans) and it gave birth to SCALI.

Our Wine Cellar


We installed 10 x 2500 liter French oak open top fermentation vats, insulation, and cooling to regulate the ambient temperature in the winery and barrique cellar, and cooling plates to control fermentation temperature.  

Scali wines is made with organically grown grapes, free from the use of harmful chemicals. In particular pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or fertilizers. Instead, natural methods of combating vineyard pests are employed.

20120613-103447.jpgSCALI Packaging

Our wines are bottled at Scali cellar. All the packaging is done by hand and the finished bottles of wine are packed into a comfortable 6 x 750ml pack or 1.5L (Magnums).


SCALI Philosophy

We work closely with nature and we do this with a whole hearted passion, while striving towards creating the ultimate wine.



Willie & Tania – Cheers!